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    What If Mitt Romney Loses Michigan? : Political Junkie : NPR

    What If Mitt Romney Loses Michigan? : Political Junkie Once again, there are doubts about Mitt Romney's staying power and questions about whether he will win the Feb. 28 primary in Michigan, where he was born and raised. Huckabee congratulated Romney after his win, but pledged to take South Carolina's January 19 Republican primary. Watch Huckabee say he's not disappointed » "It looks like I won Iowa. John McCain won New Hampshire. Mitt Romney won Michigan. But ladies and gentleman, we're going to win South Carolina," Huckabee said.

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    When Mitt was young, he served a Mormon mission in France. Romney graduated from Brigham Young University, in 1971, and later went to Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School. In the 1980s, Romney was one of the leaders of Bain Capital, a company that bought other companies and tried to make them more profitable. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have experience trying to pass health care reform, but they never worked together-- they passed their bills at different times and under different circumstances. When Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007, he signed into law a health care bill that is still widely popular in Massachusetts.

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    Mitt Romney is dinsdag ontsnapt aan een nederlaag die zijn campagne voor het Amerikaanse presidentschap in een diepe crisis zou hebben gestort. Bij de voorverkiezing in Michigan won hij ternauwernood van Rick Santorum. Opnieuw bleek dat Romney zo weinig passie oproept, dat er met spanning wordt George Wilcken Romney was an American businessman and Republican Party politician. He was chairman and president of American Motors Corporation from 1954 to 1962, the 43rd Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969, and the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1969 to 1973. Michigan for Mitt. 515 likes. We love Michigan, we believe in America, and we stand with Mitt for President of the United States of America.

    Mitt Romney wint in Arizona en Michigan | NU - Het laatste ...

    De mormoon Romney kreeg 41 procent van de kiezers achter zich in Michigan, terwijl Santorum hem op de hielen zat met 38 procent. Romney won ruimer in de zuidwestelijke staat Arizona, zoals verwacht. De voormalige gouverneur van Massachusetts had een ruime voorsprong in de peilingen. Romney kreeg er 47 procent van de stemmen en Santorum 27 procent. If you hadn't noticed yet, Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle-how-stupid-are-you-to-take-a-fleet-of-jets and their scary Op-Eds haven't done anything to Save GM or either of the other not-so-Big Three. The Senate is not pleased with their behavior. But here comes Mitt Romney, "favorite son" of Michigan. The guy who took tons of ...

    MICHIGAN MISCONDUCT: Mitt, Scott Romney, Samuel J. Skousen ...

    Mitt, Scott Romney, Samuel J. Skousen, his siblings, Bain and Russia ... The people in the State of Michigan should demand the removal of David T. Fischer, the Michigan Financial head of Mitt's 2012 run for president, from the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission and a clean- up of their state's GOP. If Mitt Romney can convince Michigan voters he can save their state's economy, they might just save his presidential bid. The former Massachusetts governor is in a must-win battle with John McCain and Mike Huckabee in today's Michigan primary, according to Republican strategist Dan Schnur.

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    Notable Romney family members include George W. Romney (1907-1995), the 43rd Governor of Michigan (1963–1969) and his son, Mitt Romney (born 1947). Mitt Romney was 70th Governor of Massachusetts (2003–2007), Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2012, and is currently U.S. Senator for Utah. On issues that well frankly I haven't even talked about. He may have turned it down a little bit last night but expect Santorum to continue to. Go after Mitt Romney and he's going to be calling him a resolute the liberal. It is a critical pivot point in this race stand and they are racing for the last votes there in Michigan. The L word. Romney McDaniel was little known in Michigan prior to 2012, when she played a key role in the campaign of her uncle, Mitt Romney, a Michigan native, former Massachusetts governor and that year's Republican presidential nominee.

    Mitt Romney On Michigan's Trees And Cars, 2/24/12

    Speech to the Detroit Economic Club ... LOL: Pastor Fails Miserably When Interviewed By Court About How He Spends The Ministry's Funds! Impeachment is the talk of Capitol Hill. Democrats are inching ever closer to removing Donald Trump from office. And what Mitt Romney said about impeaching President Trump will leave you speechless. Michigan Never-Trump Republican Congressman […] Mitt Romney: "The trees are the right height..." tonebobb. Loading... Unsubscribe from tonebobb? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 100. ... Mitt Romney Reads Mean Donald Trump Tweets - Duration: 2:31. Jimmy Kimmel Live 5,403,345 views. 2:31.

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    That same year, Ronna Romney, Romney's ex-daughter-in-law (formerly married to G. Scott Romney), decided to seek the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from Michigan. While Mitt and G. Scott endorsed Ronna Romney, George Romney had endorsed her opponent and the eventual winner, Spencer Abraham, during the previous year when Ronna was ... If Mitt Romney does lose Michigan’s presidential primary two weeks from today, his campaign is most likely finished -- especially if he loses it by a fifteen-point landslide. But that is almost certainly not going to happen. These polls don’t exactly mean what they seem. On one hand, there is better news for Romney than meets the eye. Republican 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney held a campaign rally at Compatico, an office furniture manufacturer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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    Willard Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947, at Harper University Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, one of four children born to automobile executive George W. Romney (1907–1995) and homemaker Lenore Romney (née LaFount; 1908–1998). His mother was a native of Logan, Utah, and his father was born to American parents in a Mormon colony in ... Michigan Primary A Test Of Mitt Romney's Family Legacy There is much at stake for Mitt Romney in Tuesday's presidential primary in Michigan — and not just because he's in a close race with Rick Santorum. Our president had it right. Happy Thanksgiving. #RightMi

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    He formerly sat on the Michigan State University Board of Trustees. A member of the Pratt-Romney family, he is the elder son of former Michigan Governor and 1968 candidate George W. Romney and brother of the former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee, and current U.S. Senator Mitt Romney. This is a rush transcript from "Hannity & Colmes," January 16, 2008. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Welcome to "Hannity & Colmes." We get right to our top story tonight. Joining us is now is man who some say has some momentum coming out of Michigan Mitt Romney has long been a front-runner for the G.O.P. nomination—even if no one really knows who he is. Digging into the candidate’s record as a Mormon leader, his business deals at Bain Capital, and that infamous car trip with the family dog strapped to the roof, Michael Kranish and Scott Helman pierce the Mitt bubble in an adaptation ...

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    Willard Mitt Romney (born 12 Mairch 1947) is an American businessman an politeecian senator frae Utah syne 2019, wha served as the 70t Govrenor o Massachusetts frae 2003 tae 2007 an the Republican Pairty's nominee for Preses o the Unitit States in the 2012 election. Trump even endorsed Romney's decision, after moving to Utah, to run to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch. McDaniel is the daughter of Mitt Romney's brother, Michigan lawyer G. Scott Romney. Contact Todd Spangler: 703-854-8947 or [email protected] Follow him on Twitter at @tsspangler.

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    Who Is Mitt Romney? Born in Michigan on March 12, 1947, Mitt Romney is the son of former Michigan Governor George Romney. He founded the investment firm Bain Capital and later ran for the Massachusetts Senate in 1994, losing to incumbent Ted Kennedy. Romney took over the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and helmed a successful 2002 Olympic Games. Mitt Romney spent the first five years of his life in this 5,500-square-foot home (above) in the upscale Detroit Palmer Woods neighborhood before moving to Detroit’s Bloomfield Hills suburb. Although Detroit real estate has been hard hit in the past few years, Palmer Woods real estate remained steady as a high-end neighborhood. This post originally appeared on Slate. In the state where Mitt Romney was born, his campaign did not die. Despite his many advantages in Michigan, the race was a nail-biter. In the end, Romney won 41 percent of the vote to 38 percent for Rick Santorum. "We didn't win by a lot, but we won by enough

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    Willard Mitt Romney, the multimillionaire financier who was governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 and a Republican Presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012, was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan, to businessman George Romney and his wife, Lenore Romney (née Lafount). The road to underdog Rick Santorum’s improbable journey to becoming the Republican nominee for President of the United States runs right through favorite Mitt Romney’s “home” state. On February 28th the state of Michigan will hold its primary, and if polling which currently has Santorum

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    PHOENIX (ANP) – De Republikeinse presidentskandidaat Mitt Romney heeft dinsdag de voorverkiezingen in de Amerikaanse staten Michigan en Arizona gewonnen. In zijn geboortestaat Michigan had hij echter slechts 3 procentpunt voorsprong op zijn belangrijkste rivaal Rick Santorum. Ann Romney. 752,769 likes · 96 talking about this. Mom of five boys. Grandmother of 23. Best-selling author. Global Ambassador, Ann Romney Center for... Mitt Romney addressed supporters on the night of the Michigan and Arizona primaries.

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    Significantly perhaps, it was Mitt Romneys old home turf of Oakland County that was most responsible for saving him in the end. Romney beat Rick Santorum Romney’s Win | Michigan Radio “Michigan Misconduct” is an updated name for “The Real Mitt Romney the Weather-Vane Candidate”. The 2012 election is over. A new blog name keeps previous posts intact and allows for other timely and important issues of misconduct and abuse in Michigan, as well as, issues involving other political leaders.

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    About an hour after the speech, Romney stopped by the Mitt, a new restaurant named for Michigan’s nickname — the state looks like a mitten on a map. Romney expressed delight at discovering something, anything, that shares his name. “I’ve almost never met anyone with my name,” he said. Mitt Romney's visit to Michigan has sparked a debate over his views on the federal bailouts of the auto industry. Democrats have been working to make political hay out of statements Romney made prior to, and after the restructuring of GM and Chrysler under Chapter 11 bankruptcy - restructuring that was made possible with loans from the U.S. and ...

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    Jeugd en opleiding. Mitt Romney is het vierde kind van Lenore en George W. Romney, een zakenman en gouverneur van Michigan in de jaren 60. Van 1969 tot 1973 was George Romney minister van Volkshuisvesting en Stedelijke Ontwikkeling onder president Richard Nixon. Was mitt Romney born in Michigan? Unanswered Questions. What are your top 5 old school Rock bands? Who are the best metal bassists of all time? ... Mitt Romney. Was mitt Romney born in Michigan? Answer. Wiki User November 06, 2012 5:40AM. Yes, he was born in Michigan, Detroit, Michigan. Your public radio source for NPR and Michigan news, events, politics, arts/culture, environment. Serving Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, ... George Romney. What can Mitt Romney learn from his father's GOP presidential campaign? ...

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    The Romney children campaigned for her, including Mitt, who took student leave to work as a driver and advance man at schools and county fairs during the summer. Together, Lenore and Mitt visited all 83 Michigan counties. George was in Washington most of the time and did not publicly campaign for her until the campaign's final day. Mitt Romney's last few Michigan stump speeches have included an unusual plank -- his appreciation for the apparently perfect height of the state's trees. "I love this state," he told an audience Tuesday. "The trees are the right height." On Friday afternoon, Romney reprised the comment, saying LANSING, Mich. - Hundreds of Mitt Romney supporters greeted the Republican presidential candidate as he made his first Michigan campaign appearance since winning the Feb. 28 primary election. Romney made a policy address Tuesday afternoon at Lansing Community College's Dart Auditorium. In what has

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    Mitt Romney is running to serve Utahns and to bring Utah’s values to Washington, but he can’t do it without your help. Sign up here to join Team Mitt and help collect signatures, make phone calls, and display yard signs. Mitt Romney, Writer: The Man from Bloomfield Hills. Willard Mitt Romney, the multimillionaire financier who was governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 and a Republican Presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012, was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan, to businessman George Romney and his wife, Lenore Romney (née Lafount). At birth ...

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    No, Mitt Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. His father, George W. Romney, was the Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wraps up a day-long campaign swing through Michigan tonight with a rally at the Holland State Park on the